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Boost your BID with Trueform Digital Signs

There are over 270 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) now established around the UK from the first BID in January 2005. Follow the project’s success in Canada during the 1960s and around the globe later on through the decades, BIDs have been used to unites businesses on a local scale to improve their defined commercial area.

BIDs enable business to decide and direct what is best for the area and promotes not only the businesses but also promotes the local area to local people and visitors.

At Trueform, we encourage and support development of more BIDs across the UK through place promotion and digital advertising. We believe that the most innovative cities and areas are the ones that adopt the SmartCity approach. By joining the digital revolution and embracing digital signage and electronic signs with LED displays BIDs can make the most of the space available and make a big difference to the local area.

In an ever-growing digital age, commuters and customers are using digital screens more and are expecting more interactivity and animation from businesses and advertising. With so many distractions in built up areas for everyday life, from smartphones to shop window displays, advertisers and marketers need to think innovatively to catch the attention of the public.

At Trueform we are pleased to offer a fantastic range of stunning outdoor digital advertising kiosks. These kiosks offer a fully digital display that are the powerful marketing platform that businesses and organisations are looking for.

Our Outdoor Digital 6 Sheet is a great allrounder with the versatility and flexibility that clever marketing campaigns require. The Fuzion D6 comes in large TFT display sizes of 75” and 86” for a stunning, eye-catching interactive display that captures the imagination of viewers and provides a blank digital canvas for limitless opportunities.
For added design and personalisation the Fuzion D6 comes in a range of architecturally designed housings to suit any environment and work well with other displays and roadside furniture in the vicinity.

The best marketing campaigns use different platforms and different forms of media. The Trueform ranges of digital kiosks and totems not only provide great visibility and awareness of local businesses but they also enable the city to become a SmartCity.

With kiosks and totems that are linked with transport and guides for tourists, the SmartCity approach allows commuters and travellers to get the most out of the city and have a more involved experience.

With a range of diverse and durable advertising platforms, Trueform have the capability to deliver results when BIDs want to promote anything from local events and key visitor attractions through to environmental improvements and travel information.

To find out more on how Trueform can enhance a BID project and support your marketing campaign, get in contact with us today.


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