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Connected Wayfinding

Further consolidating Trueform’s position as global leaders for pedestrian wayfinding signage and smart city infrastructure, we continue an extensive roll-out of London’s iconic wayfinding system, Legible London, across the City of London, enhancing active travel and healthy living throughout the UK’s capital city.

Legible London has been proven to improve public health, the economy, retail, tourism, local business and the environment by promoting walking and active lifestyles.  The system provides truly connected journeys and improved mobility to complement London’s other public transport modes.

Trueform’s extensive portfolio pedestrian wayfinding products includes smart city options, including ultra-fast wi-fi, smart sensors, pedestrian and cycle counting analytics, digital displays and small-cells for 4G and forthcoming 5G mobile communication.  Trueform’s ‘smart street hubs’ are being deployed throughout major cities internationally as part of a network of smart mobility and smart city developments, including autonomous vehicle infrastructure.


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