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Digital Street Infrastructure

Trueform will be at the Digital Street Infrastructure event organised by Future Cities Catapult Thursday 21st February.

As city infrastructure is increasingly becoming digital, Trueform will be joining discussions on how our digital street furniture can help change our cities for the better by providing digital public realm that provides significant positive impact on our cities and the lives of citizens.  Encouraging dwell time in public spaces, supporting engagement and civic participation, improving public service delivery and benefitting the city’s people. Unlike “smart city” implementations in the past, the best solutions are not about technology for technology’s sake, but focus on what challenges could be addressed with better understanding of people and users of public spaces. Technology development and on-street application is moving fast, challenging regulators and the public sector who are unable to act as quickly due to resource and institutional limitations. This rapid development and deployment on on-street technology has led some cities to be slow to respond and apprehensive about these new technology deployments. The way to get the most from new on-street applications of technology and innovation is by developers, technologists and manufacturers, like Trueform, working together with cities, its decision makers and the public.

Trueform’s products connect public transport & commuters, residents and neighbourhoods, cities and citizens, the digital and physical worlds, people & information.

Trueform aim to enrich the personal mobility experience with meticulously designed innovative technology, developed by creative thinkers that craft compelling visions for a better way.  We bring to bear focus and tenacity through the discipline and rigor of engineering and technology to realise these visions.

As Trueform helps accelerate the World towards sustainable mobility, it is committed to building what is needed for our present and our future.


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