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Essex County Council Choose Trueform as their preferred Supplier for all of their bus stop infrastructure

Essex County Council has awarded Trueform a 4 year contract to supply bus stops throughout Essex.

Trueform’s Elite Bus Stop System, has been specifically selected for Essex’s bus stop upgrade project which is being rolled out throughout Essex over the next few years.

Trueform will be manufacturing the new sophisticated bus stops in-house from our dedicated 125,000 sq ft of manufacturing capability in Hayes, Middlesex.

Trueform are market leaders in the provision of passenger infrastructure, including bus stops, bus shelters and additional passenger infrastructure. Essex chose Trueform’s ‘Elite’ Bus Stop System’ which is a patented product and which has the following unique features, including, modern and contemporary design which raises the profile of bus travel throughout the UK, robust, vandal and graffi ti resistant, stainless steel and aluminium construction for long lasting with appearance and performance and tamperproof fi ttings and fixings throughout.


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