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New Transit Infrastructure for Columbia Pike

Trueform Group is pleased to announce that our USA division have secured the contract for the design and manufacture of new shelters, transit infrastructure and signage for the Columbia Pike Transit stations.

Columbia Pike is one of the busiest bus network, serving thousands of bus users every day. The premium service is critical project to provide quality infrastructure and buses to accommodate the demand which has been long overdue. The riders will benefit from larger shelters to accommodate multiple buses, for users to board at the same time reducing waiting times giving on-time results without any delays across the bus network and getting you to your destination faster. This is a huge factor and benefit in creating a modal shift from driving to taking the bus by offering this frequent and reliable service for riders.

The new transit stations incorporate larger waiting shelter, seating with user friendly passenger information providing the waiting experience comfortable for all with a key focus on ensuring the design for users to board at same level as the buses providing better access for mobility and push chairs to board, creating step free solution.


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