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New Wayfinding for Manchester

Trueform have manufactured & installed the first of many wayfinding totems for the Greater Manchester area. The totems are to be located at strategic transport nodes, initially between Piccadilly and Victoria Rail Stations, with additional phases in the ten district areas of Greater Manchester to be rolled out in due course. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are working hard to make travel easier in our dynamic city-region – the UK’s largest regional economy outside London with a diverse population of more than 2.7 million people.

By investing in new, modern transport interchanges and smarter travel information TfGM are making it easier to get around on public transport, whilst also promoting and investing in walking and cycling as a healthy and sustainable way to travel. Through the Greater Manchester 2040 Transport Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan TfGM aim to make the city-region a cleaner, greener and healthier place to live, work and play in.

The wayfinding signage recently installed offers a highly visible, on-pavement reminder of the existence of walking within the City as they provide a ready reminder to all those within sight (not just cyclists and pedestrians) of individuals’ participation in the environmental improvement agenda.

This reaffirms Trueform as the leading provider of cycle and pedestrian wayfinding signage systems.


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