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Passengers at East Coast Mainline Train Stations Benefit from Real-Time Travel Information Displays

Ferrograph has been awarded a significant contract to supply fifteen train stations along the East Coast Mainline with Interactive Information Columns and Electronic Posters.

Rob Spree, Project Manager at National Express commented “As we operate one of the busiest train lines in the country we are committed to keeping our passengers informed. The interactive Information Column ensures a comprehensive journey planning and information facility is provided to the public.

Each Interactive Information Column consist of three TFT screens and printing facilities. The 17th interactive touchscreen provides touchscreen provides bus,taxi, traffic, Google Maps, news and weather information, the 19th schreen provides real-time train departures and the 32″ screen displays Train Operating Comapny (TOC) Service Levels, Engineering Notices and any Special Notices.

There will be a maximum of three 40″ TFT Electronic Posters located at each station which will be wall, gantry or pole mounted. Similar to the 32” kiosk screen each Electronic Poster will indicate the TOC Service Levels, Engineering Notices and any Special Station Notices. The TOC Service Level if determined by train punctuality with a good, fair or poor rating.

Alan Bell, Director at Ferrograph explained “In addition to designing and manufacturing the display hardware we have worked in partnership with National Express and ATOC to develop a bespoke Content Management System (CMS). The CMS will be hosted at a centralised location where it will be fed out to all the Kiosks and Posters. This contract demonstrates Ferrograph’s ability to manage large turnkey Rail projects, from conceptual design right through to installation. We are delighted to be launching our Interactive Information Column product range with National Express East Coast”.

A total of 16 interactive Information Kiosks and 29 Electronic Posters will be located at stations including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Kings Cross.


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