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Smart Cities are the Future of a Connected World

A decade ago, the concept of a smart city may have sounded absurd, however, smart cities are already beginning to take shape across the globe. As with any other smart technology, the smart city has been developed to make life more enjoyable by making navigation easier, keeping people up-to-date with their surroundings and fueling an energy efficient environment. Real-time transport data, weather updates and wi-fi hot spots are just some of the way that the public can connect with the city around them.

Purpose-built smart cities are already being developed where a network of sensors allows for the communication between all aspects of the neighborhood, waste management, transport and even the citizens themselves can all be monitored via a series of smart sensors to help reduce emissions and consumption waste.  The idea is not to create a controlled environment but one where the citizens grow to be more conscious of their surroundings. Smart cities aim to connect the world in a way never seen before.

Trueform’s wayfinding digital signage has already been implemented throughout major cities such as New York and London, helping tourists and residents alike to find their way through the busy streets of these urban destinations. Digital maps provide a detailed explanation of the surrounding areas whilst transport timetables allow passengers to plan their journeys with better accuracy than ever before.

Trueform is dedicated to designing and developing high quality, state-of-the-art street furniture such as the wayfinding kiosks and totem signage displays. We understand the importance of digital wayfinding and specialise in making travel more efficient for the public. We have a large client base and work closely with organisations such as Transport for London to provide the very best street signs in many areas of the UK.

Our Smart Media Hub is the latest idea to go through development at Trueform. It hosts a magnitude of technology all in one place and will help to transform your city into the smart cities of the future. Our aim is to create a secure, robust and appealing hub, accessible to everyone. We want users to engage with our digital signage and will offer reliable, high-speed wi-fi and mobile charging points as standard. The digital LED display will also provide a platform for community notifications and advertising, keeping the public informed of current events in real-time. Trueform is committed to developing sustainable cities and the use of our digital signage can promote green transport methods such as walking and cycling.

The Smart Media Hub takes intelligent design to the next level, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding environment and providing an excellent level of service to the public. Our streamlined design will fit perfectly into any busy street without causing inconvenience to the daily commuter. Keep updated with the progress of our Smart Media Hub and in the meantime, view our current collection of signage systems and information kiosks to find out how they can benefit your city.

We are always delighted to talk to new and existing clients about their ideas so please do call us on 0208 561 4959 or email us at to take the first step on your next project.


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