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Solar Power Technology Totem ‘Teto’

Trueform was appointed by Future Cities Catapult as a suitably experienced and capable supplier, to design, manufacture and install a technology totem ‘Teto’. The technology totem ‘Teto’ is a mobile lab, it contains a selection of sensing hardware, an e-paper 32’’ display and facility to harness renewable energy in the form of solar. The totem measures the environments, and engages with the public via dynamic on-screen content through wireless connectivity.

The first totem was installed in London and the second totem in Birmingham, built on a redundant loading bay within a parklet creating green urban environment.

The 6 month trial of ‘Teto’ is to monitor footfall, dwell time and how technology can be used to improve business. The area was monitored before parklet was installed and will be monitored during the trial to see how people react to the new open space. The sensoring equipment built into the totem includes thermal imagery, air pollution, pedestrian & cycle counting, vibration levels, proximity sensor, voice activation and interacts with the public to offer an insight into the past, present and future of the surrounding area, giving them the option to vote for future plans within the city.

The opening of the parklet took place on 5th October and was well attended and generated a lot of interest from members of the public and was also featured on BBC midlands news.


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