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State of the Art Bus Shelters for Burslem Town Centre

Trueform have recently designed, manufactured and installed a number of bespoke and contemporary shelters for Burslem town centre in Stoke on Trent.

Burslem was looking for a bus shelter that would enhance and support the look and feel of the town centre.

Trueform worked closely with the City’s in-house architects to design and manufacture a shelter that would provide Burslem’s visitors with a shelter that not only looked elegant and sophisticated but also provided up to date information at all times.

The contemporary bus shelters, installed in Swan Square, Market Place, Fountain Place and Wedgwood Street, are equipped with CCTV and LCD screens which give real time information on bus arrivals and departures, the shelters consist of aluminium and stainless steel so they are vandal proof and easy to clean. All shelters are also equipped with a kiosk.

‘Trueform were very excited and felt privileged to be working with Stoke on Trent to produce a high quality, contemporary and urban design of shelters that would enhance the town’s look and feel and to promote the use of Public Transport Services’ said Jonathan Morley, Trueform’s Technical Director.


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