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TfL Widening Pavement

As part of Transport for London’s COVID-19 social distancing pavement widening initiatives, our rapid response and resilience teams have undertaken a number of bus stop alterations across Greater London for TfL. Trueform has been identified by the UK Government as a critical provider of passenger transport infrastructure and maintenance services, providing vital support to the continued, safe movement of the public, NHS staff and other key workers at this time of global crisis.

Trueform is responsible for the provision and maintenance of critical public transport infrastructure across the bus, rail, underground, airports, pedestrian wayfinding and cycling networks in many of the World’s major cities.   This includes London, where we are responsible for the supply, maintenance and emergency resilience of over 32,000 of TfL’s on-street public transport infrastructure assets throughout Greater London.

We would like to extend our offer of assistance to towns, cities, transport authorities and operators internationally.  We have a wealth of experience in all areas of public transportation, including the provision and deployment of pedestrian wayfinding and cycling infrastructure systems in over 100 cities worldwide, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, New York, Toronto, Geneva and Hong Kong.


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