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Trueform Design, Manufacture and Install Solar Powered Bus Stops ahead of the Olympic Games in Weymouth

The 2012 Olympics sailing event will take place in Weymouth at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. In preparation for the event, Dorset County Council wanted to improve the bus and rail interchange facilities, passenger infrastructure environment, passenger information and other transport related enhancements throughout Dorset. Through a stringent tender and evaluation process, Trueform were awarded the contract to manufacture and install its unique ‘Elite’ solar powered and RTI bus stops throughout Dorset. Dorset wanted a high quality and reliable product that would raise the profile of bus travel on an international level, whilst providing a range of unique features to enhance the travelling experience. Features include increased serviceability, ease of installation and maintenance, high quality and image, passenger safety and convenience, attractive, distinctive and elegant appearance, up to the minute service information and above all provide a product and service that would guarantee manufacture and installation and operation by the 2012 Olympic Games. Our solar powered bus stop system provides illumination of the flag throughout the hours of darkness and the display case by simply pushing the illuminated solar push button. Trueform have manufactured and installed over 150 bus stops throughout Dorset with another 250 to be manufactured & installed over the coming year. All aspects of the bus stop system is designed, manufactured and installed in house complete with an in-house solar power expertise department.


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