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Trueform & Ferrograph praised at TfL Countdown Project Celebration

October 2012

Trueform and its subsidiary company Ferrograph were praised at the recent TfL ‘Countdown’ celebration night at London’s Covent Garden Transport Museum. With over 160 people in attendance who have been involved in the project including Leon Daniels, the MD of Surface Transport, together with many others from the Countdown delivery team at TfL joined in applauding all involved in delivering the project and making it
such a huge success.

Head of TfL’s Technical Services Group, Simon Reed, praised Trueform contribution to the project, which included the design, manufacture, fitting and commissioning of 1,250 RTI display screens, comprising:-

– 9.6million LED Pixels
– 2500 LED PCB’s
– 1250 Power supplies
– 2500 audio speakers
– 19km of cable
– 25,000 electrical connectors
– 20,000 capacitors
– 1.25kn of displays if laid end to end
– 262 metres high if stacked one above the other!


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