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Trueform official Papercast Re-seller

Trueform is pleased to announce it is now official reseller for Papercast e-paper displays.

Papercast’s range of e-paper displays have been designed to provide high quality passenger information, with a focus on solar powered, wireless e-paper digital bus stops and shelters.

The low energy technology offers a distinctive combination of features, making the platform one of the most advanced solutions of its kind. Offering complete, future-proof replacements for legacy electronic systems and traditional paper timetables, while providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions.

The elegant, innovative displays are an ideal fit for Truefrom’s Elite bus stop system and its extensive range of shelters and smart city products.

Jonathan Morley, CEO, Trueform, commented “We are delighted to announce that these premium Papercast e-paper display products are available through Trueform, authorised Papercast reseller.  It is great to have Pepercast e-paper displays as part of our digital signage product prortfolio”.


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