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Trueform Re-Awarded Major TfL Bus Stop & Shelter Contracts

Trueform have been re-awarded major contracts with TfL for a further 8 years for the supply, installation and maintenance of the capital’s 12,000+ bus shelters and 19,000+ bus stops.

With over 18 years of service to TfL, Trueform has built a reputation and track record of high quality, on time delivery from our dedicated London based manufacturing, installation and maintenance facilities.

Over the duration of our current and previous TfL contracts, Trueform have provided London with over 29,000 bus stops, shelters and RTI digital displays, over 1.3million replacement maintenance parts, over 12,000 emergency call out ‘rapid response’ maintenance visits and have undertaken over 1million standard maintenance site visits.

In addition to being re-awarded the currently held contracts for bus stops and non-advertising bus shelters, Trueform have also been awarded the contract to manufacture, install and maintain all advertising bus shelters, complete with advertising displays which will see the company providing a significant increase in volume.

The award of these prestigious contracts is testament to the hard work and dedication of Trueform’s manufacturing engineering staff and site delivery teams in providing a first class, value for money service to TfL over these years.  Trueform are proud to be  flying the flag for UK based manufacturing and engineering.

We look forward to a continued working relationship with TfL in the on-going provision of World leading infrastructure hardware throughout the City of London.


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