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Trueform Re-Awarded TfL Wayfinding Signage Contract

Trueform are delighted to announce that we have been re-awarded the contract with Transport for London, for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Legible London Wayfinding Signs.

The Legible London scheme was initially developed in 2007 with the  1st prototype being installed at Bond Street. This was then followed by three Pilot scheme which was then implemented in 2009 at Southbank and Bankside, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury, and Twickenham and Richmond.  An evaluation process was undertaken which showed outstanding results in which lead to working with other London boroughs, developers and other organisations to continue to implement the scheme and improve wayfinding across London. To date we have manufactured and installed over 1300 signs.

With our long standing track record of high quality and on time delivery on this contract for TfL over the last 6+ years coupled with our comprehensive London contract delivery centre and wide range of services has enabled us to provide TfL with the best economic advantage throughout the duration of the next contract.

This new 4 year contract is complementary to Trueform’s other contracts with TfL, which includes:- the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Bus Stops and Non-Advertising Bus Shelter Contract, the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Countdown RTI, Signage Framework agreement for the supply and installation of signage.

We look forward to a continued working relationship with TfL’s infrastructure delivery team and the on-going provision of leading infrastructure hardware throughout the City of London over the coming years.


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