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Trueform Solar Passenger Shelters ‘Showcased’ at Eclipse BRT Conference

October 2012

BRT UK’s conference on 21st Century Bus Rapid Transport schemes got under way last week, with a focus of the event being the recently launched ‘Eclipse’ – Gosport to Fareham Bus Rapid Transit system. Attended by key transport professionals and representatives of the many BRT schemes currently under development throughout the UK, the event was a great success.

A highlight of the event was a guided tour of the ‘Eclipse’ Gosport to Fareham Bus Rapid Transit system where delegates were driven along the route and were able to stop and admire the state of the art passenger facilities provided by Trueform.

Trueform were tasked with designing a fully ‘technology integrated’ solution for Hampshire CC on this scheme, which included bespoke platform waiting shelters, kiosks to house interactive help point and electronic display, CCTV system, and innovative ‘grid tie’ solar – where the collected solar energy is fed directly back to the national grid.

The supply of this latest BRT scheme by Trueform reinforces the company’s reputation as the leader in BRT infrastructure provision.

If you would like more information on Trueform’s BRT work or discuss any upcoming projects, please contact sales on 020 8561 4959 or email


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