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Trueform Wins Contract to Maintain 8,000 Bus Stops throughout Strathclyde for SPT

Transport Solutions Company, Trueform, has just been awarded a contract to maintain over 8,000 bus stops, throughout 11 council areas, under a contract with Stratchlyde Partnership for Transport.

Trueform will provide a full range of maintenance services including routine, response and rapid response (emergency call-outs) where they promise to attend any incident involving damage to a bus stop within hours of notification.

The contract will run from Trueform’s existing Glasgow bus stop and shelter installation and maintenance service centre.

“Trueform have been supplying and installing out “Elite Bus Stop” design to SPT under existing contract for the past three years. I am delighted that we will be increasing our range of service to SPT by the addition of this new maintenance contract” commented Trueform’s Glasgow Service Centre Representative David Gowans.


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