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Air Conditioned Landmark London Shelter

Ref: 1A 027.1

Thanks to the Air-Conditioned Landmark London Shelter, travelling in hot conditions is a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

The sealed, climate-controlled unit protects passengers from extreme weather conditions while the glass front panels provide the same excellent visibility as open shelters.

Features such as interior lighting, RTPI displays, solar technology and audio PA systems mean that the Landmark London Shelter offers a premium travel experience.

Vandal-resistant designs and robust materials ensure that Trueform shelters are built with the future in mind. Our shelters are built to provide an excellent customer experience, featuring quick release mechanisms for easy maintenance.

The shelter offers space for both internal and external marketing displays, providing the ultimate marketing platform for businesses and local advertisers.

The easy access doors ensure full ADA and DDA compliance, making the public transport experience accessible for the elderly and those with disabilities.


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