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Interchange Waiting Shelters

Ref: 8E 014

Trueform’s Interchange Shelters provide a bespoke solution for any bus, tram or rail interchange.

The flexible, modular architecture of the shelter ensures than a design can be crafted to fit any specific requirements with a vast array of foundation and installation options available.

The spacious, glass-panel-based design opens the front of the unit up for easy access while also allowing through maximum natural light for a comfortable and high-visibility experience. The high-quality finish and engineering-grade materials used during construction result in a long-lasting and high-performing unit which will remain in top form for years to come.

With customer safety as a foremost concern, all of Trueform’s custom built units are fitted with a special shock absorbing glazing retention system to ensure that the shelter remains shatterproof in the event of damage.

The quick-release disassembly methods allow for easy maintenance or replacement while remaining tamper-proof to prevent damage or vandalism.