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Cycle Hubs

With more people cycling across towns and cities there is a growing need to increase cycle storage capacity, particularly at stations and retail parks. 

Encourage sustainable mobility
Walking and cycling are key to sustainable urban transport. Installing easily accessible cycle storage is a key component in encouraging people to make their daily journey by bike. When installed close to other modes of transport such as bus or train stations this will encourage people to use more sustainable methods of transport to complete their journey. 

Promote active travel and improve public health
Cycle hubs encourage walking and cycling which improves public health overall. It is proven that regular short rides are highly effective at improving health. Cycle hubs improve health by promoting active travel and does this by providing safe and secure storage. 

Improve air quality and reduce dependance on cars
With more people choosing to cycle, this reduces the reliance of other forms of transport and mass transport which in turn leads to less vehicles on the roads. Less vehicles on the roads reduces road traffic congestion, exhaust emissions, greenhouse gases and air pollution which provides cleaner air.

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