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Digital Cycle Counter Kiosk

Our smart cycle digital information kiosks feature the very latest high definition TFT displays and, when linked to piezo-electric sensor systems, provide real-time updates of cycling and walking usage. The kiosks displays information in the form of daily and cumulative counts of cyclists and pedestrians, a smart way to promote other forms of travelling in cities and to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Digital information kiosks help to promote active travel leading to an increase in cycling and walking catchment of an urban area. This has benefits in terms of safety, as even greater numbers of people travel without their vehicles. It can also aid the local economy, as those who were previously put off by congestion or the lack of a vehicle are encouraged to travel into an urban area from farther afield.

We have also developing similar Smart Totems for other clients which include ground breaking technology including Pedestrian and Cycle Counting, Pollution sensors, CCTV, advertising and more. Interactive TfT touchscreens are also available which will provide users with information on the local area making navigation to points of interest far easier to accomplish. These smart kiosks provide councils and transport authorities key data in achieving targets and promoting active travel.

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