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Flight Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 001

Already popular in major cities across the UK, the Flight Bus Shelter offers a pleasing contemporary aesthetic through its sleek, modern yet robust construction.

The success of the Flight lies within the flexibility of its design. Available in a range of configurations and sizes, the modular nature of the shelter allows it to seamlessly blend into a city environment. This gives the shelter the unique ability to adapt to a range of spaces and allows for a diverse range of practical applications.

Through the Flight Bus Shelter, Trueform offer a fully futureproofed shelter compatible with RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA and other advanced systems. This forward-thinking structure is designed with the future in mind – the Flight Shelter’s adaptability means that smart technology can easily be implemented either now or as demand increases.

Through its high grade, vandal resistant materials, the Flight Bus Shelter provides an easy-to-maintain and safe structure. All construction is compliant with BSI structural standards and regulations as well as emphasising inclusivity through DDA and ADA infrastructure.

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