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Gullwing Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 002

Featuring a strikingly modern look, the Gullwing shelter offers a high-quality passenger experience within a flexible and long-lasting design. The modular construction allows for easy assembly and maintenance, allowing the Gullwing Shelter to adapt to a range of different environments. With its sleek and contemporary aesthetics, the Gullwing shelter can blend seamlessly into a wide variety of different locations.

The glass panels allow natural light to pass through the shelter and provide high visibility for commuters. The open nature of the shelter also makes the Gullwing easily accessible for disabled passengers, complying with both DDA and ADA standards.

The enclosed design protects commuters from the elements while the shock absorbing glazing retention system offers unparalleled safety and protection. Trueform’s quick release design allows for easy and cost effective maintenance while also remaining tamper proof, helping to provide a long-lasting and high quality finish.

With a range of high quality finishes and multiple installation options available, the Gullwing Shelter is a versatile and dynamic structure which is a great fit for any town or city.


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