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Intelligent Mobility

‘Intelligent Mobility’ or ‘Smart Mobility’ as it is sometimes referred to, represents a radical overhaul of the entire transport market.  It is not simply another incremental advance that merely supports traditional transport operations, it signifies a completely new transport revolution.

Trueform and its Applied Technology division, Trueform Digital, aim to be at the forefront of this transport revolution.

Intelligent Mobility is the future of transport.  It is about harnessing innovation and emerging technologies to create integrated, efficient and sustainable transport systems. Trueform’s range of people centred, smart, sustainable and safe travel solutions harness emerging technologies, enabling the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of people around the world.

Intelligent Mobility is about taking a very different approach to the challenges that have traditionally beset the transport sector, whether it be congestion, pollution or the lack of joined up interface between different modes of transport.

Trueform is helping transit agencies and cities globally by transforming public transport hardware in urban environments into highly intelligent, ultra-connected smart communications infrastructure, applications and networks. Intelligent Mobility is the future of transport.

Our Intelligent Mobility product developments harness innovation and emerging technologies to create more integrated, efficient and sustainable public transport systems.

It marks an exciting coalition between traditional transport systems and our ultra-technology and communication products and services that can exploit vast amounts of available multi-layered data.

It offers us unprecedented opportunities to make much more efficient use of networks and to revolutionise public transport.


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