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Neo Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 049

The choice of many major cities around the UK, the Neo Shelter provides a cutting edge contemporary design perfect for any metropolitan environment. The engineering grade materials used within construction make the Neo Shelter a sleek, modern and robust choice of bus shelter capable of withstanding long term use.

The Neo Shelter is a forward-thinking unit, future-proofed via its compatibility with smart technology and other intelligent systems. The shelter also seamlessly integrates marketing space allowing for the display of business and public advertisements  within the structure of the unit itself.

Using engineering grade materials in its construction, the Neo Shelter offers a long lasting, high-quality experience fully compliant with BSI structural standards and regulations. A special shock absorbing glazing retention system provides industry standard glass panelling while also ensuring passengers safety.

The open, transparent design offers maximum visibility and allows for an abundance of natural light to pass through. The large entrance provides inclusivity through its ease of use, fully conforming to ADA and DDA regulations to allow accessibility for the elderly and disabled.


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