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Outdoor Digital 6 Sheet

Trueform’s Outdoor Digital 6 Sheet outdoor digital display provides the perfect solution to outdoor advertisement and information problems. We proudly present the latest in display technology, the Fuzion D6.

Our outdoor digital screen has been designed for outdoor practicality with a robust housing that ensures there is protection for the screen from the elements. The secure frame means that there is little maintenance needed to upkeep our digital totem, saving time and money.

To ensure years of trouble-free performance in outdoor environments, the Fuzion D6 has been designed to operate all day, every day in ambient temperatures of up to 50 C / 122 F.

For added design and personalisation the Fuzion D6 comes in a range of architecturally designed housings to suit any environment and work well with other displays and roadside furniture in the vicinity.

The Fuzion D6 comes in large TFT display sizes of 75” and 86” for a stunning, eye-catching interactive display that captures the imagination of viewers and provides a blank digital canvas for limitless opportunities.


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