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Solar Countdown LED Flag

Specifically designed for out of town locations where provision of power is an expensive and challenging problem.

The Ferrograph renewable energy LED Countdown flag is a discrete numeral LED display.  Each service indicator tile has a two digit LED countdown display which indicates the number of minutes until departure

Communication is via GPRS to provide real time information.

Designed specifically to display real time passenger information in outdoor public environments, typical applications include:

  • On street locations where bus shelters or stands are unavailable
  • Stand alone post mounting
  • Suitable for out of town or rural locations
  • No Mains power required

Key Product Features

  • 3, 6 or 9 segment service display options
  • Single sided
  • 30mm capital character height
  • Retrofit to existing flag posts is possible via bespoke mounting kit.
  • Compatible with the Trueform Elite and other post systems.
  • Optional sun hood for tough light conditions.
  • Amber ultra-bright LEDs allow daylight viewing.
  • Rugged on demand push button to activate sign from power saving mode
  • Display illumination is controlled via a brightness sensor which manages the  optimisation of brightness and power consumption display
  • IP65 rated enclosure provides protection against both the weather and vandalism.
  • Datasheet available upon request.


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