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Streamline Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 010

The Streamline Bus Shelter’s glass panel design allows for a spacious public transport experience with a high level of visibility and natural light.

The modular design of the Streamline Bus Shelter ensures that units can be quickly and electively modified in order to fit any size, shape or configuration. The open design creates a spacious and comfortable atmosphere while also opening up the shelter for easy and inclusive access.

With a mix of practicality and contemporary looks, Trueform’s Streamline Bus Shelter can blend perfectly into any town or city while still providing the high-capacity facilities that an urban environment demands.

The streamline Shelter is compatible with the latest smart city technology, including solar panels, interactive kiosks, RTPI displays and audio PA systems.

A truly forward-thinking unit, the Streamline Bus Shelter is already the choice of major towns and cities around the world.


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