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TfGM Victoria Platform Canopy

Trueform was appointed to design, manufactured and install 1 off 18m and 1 off 14m Gullwing Platform canopies. These stunning elegant canopies include LED lighting, CCTV, public address systems, signage, perch and bench seating and illuminated Advertising displays.

Ref: 1A 054

  • Available in a range of configurations & sizes
  • Modular, flexible & innovative design & construction
  • Contemporary architectural aesthetics & detailing
  • Engineering grade construction & materials
  • Future proofed & technology enabled
  • Incorporates Intelligent, electronic transport hardware
  • Optimum passenger protection, comfort & safety
  • Ultimate transport marketing platform
  • Robust and vandal resistant
  • Range of high grade material & finish options for long lasting performance
  • Quick release yet tamper proof features for rapid, cost effective maintenance
  • Compliant with BSI structural standards & regulations
  • Fully DDA & ADA compliant
  • Ability to accept RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, solar, kiosks and other advanced information systems
  • Range of foundation and installation options available
  • Range of glazing materials and options available
  • Special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system


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