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Virtue Totem

For towns and cities looking to add a modern touch to their pedestrianised areas, the Virtue Totem delivers premium features in a slimline and aesthetically powerful package. Trueform is proud to lend its extensive experience in the sector through the creation of modern, desirable units with the ability to blend seamlessly into a range of different environments.

The Virtue Totem boasts Trueform’s unique aperture feature – a striking design element which ensures that the vibrant glass panelling stands out in a busy town or city. Thanks to the premium construction materials, Trueform’s products deliver a high-end experience ready for the high street.

With an extensive range of optional extras, Trueform can easily modify the Virtue Totem to suit a variety of needs. Add-on features include back-lit illumination, solar power options and the ability to incorporate smart city technology into the unit itself.




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