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Holborn Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 011

Perfect for suburban and rural areas, the subdued design of the Holborn Shelter blends in perfectly with a rustic environment.

The classic style of the Holborn Bus Shelter provides weatherproof coverage in a compact and space-saving package.

The internal waterproof noticeboard provides the opportunity to either display timetables and public information or can be adapted to create a marketing platform.

The open front of the shelter offers excellent visibility while maintaining DDA and ADA compliance for maximum inclusivity. The ease of use for the elderly and disabled makes the Holborn Bus Shelter a perfect choice for ensuring that public transport is accessible to all.

Trueform make robust and tough units that are built to last. Our engineering-grade materials and vandal-resistant technology ensure that the Holborn Bus Shelter will remain in service for many years to come.


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