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Ipswich Wayfinding Totems

Ref: 3B 006.2

After the runaway success of the Legible London scheme, Trueform has strived to bring the same high-quality wayfinding systems to other towns and cities across the globe. One recent example of Trueform’s success is the Suffolk town of Ipswich, which has recently received a series of wayfinding totems and signage options.

Thanks to the stellar reputation of the Legible London scheme, Trueform were commissioned to design, manufacture and install the wayfinding totems throughout Ipswich town centre.

Constructed with high-end vitreous enamel, Trueform’s totem units allow for either advanced screen-printing options or the installation of premium glass displays. Bespoke graphics and maps ensure that the scheme is perfectly tailored for any area, providing pedestrians and tourists with an in-depth guide to Ipswich.


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