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Legible London Wayfinding Totems

Ref: 3B 006

TFL’s ‘legible London’ wayfinding project aims to provide clear travel and navigation information throughout the capital city for those who wish to explore on foot. A study conducted two years ago highlighted the ineffectiveness of the current assembly of pedestrian sign systems in Central London, and the consequent over-reliance on the tube map for pedestrians to find their way around above ground.

Trueform’s wayfinding signage system offers an array of features including modulisation and robustness, as well as further choice between lit and solar powered options. The way in which each unique signage system displays navigational information is varied with a range of methods in which the systems can display information. Our wayfinding signage systems are compatible with new potential communications technology, allowing future improvements.

Each individual sign has a unique commentary of the surrounding area with vital travel information and a description of the local geography. To date we have manufactured and installed over 1200 Legible London units and are always looking to expand on this figure to make walking through the capital an altogether enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one.



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