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Metro Evolution Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 006

A new standard in weatherproof shelters, Trueform’s Metro Evolution offers a robust and attractive design perfect for any town or city. Available in a range of configurations and sizes, the flexible, modular construction methods allow the Metro Evolution to adapt to any environment.

The curved blue design shields passengers from all weather conditions while the glass panels allow natural light to pass through, providing the Metro Evolution Shelter with an open feel and high visibility. The design also provides an excellent experience for the elderly and disabled, conforming to both DDA and ADA standards.

With a range of foundation and installation options available, the Metro Evolution Shelter offers an adaptable package which can be tailored to suit a range of diverse requirements. The shelter is fully future-proof, with the ability to upgrade to smart technology, interactive kiosks and other intelligent systems.

With safety as a paramount concern, the Metro Evolution Shelter follows BSI regulations to ensure structural security and passenger protection. The special shock absorbing glazing retention system places safety and security at the forefront of Trueform’s products, providing a pleasant experience for travellers and commuters.


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