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Nottingham Express Transit Tram Shelters

In 2013, Trueform was awarded with the contract to design, manufacture and install a series of advanced tram shelters for the second phase of the Nottingham Express Transit project. As a unique and ambitious plan to rejuvenate the local tram network, the Nottingham Express project required bepoke units design from the ground up to meet the city’s precise needs. Trueform, the UK’s leading experts in shelter and signage fabrications, was awarded the project with the aim to create a capable solution.

To meet the required specifications, Trueform has produced a complete series of units of high-quality for the project. Some of the equipment designed and installed includes tram stop furniture, litter bin, bicycle stands and a slection of signage units. Each product demonstrates the high standards of construction that Trueform is renowned for, offering a selection of advanced features and vibrant marketing displays.


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