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Premium Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 006.1

The premium shelter really lives up to its name as its engineering grade material construction, make it extremely robust and durable. Aside from the dynamics of the shelter, it is also a light welcoming place for the public to sit or stand in with glazing throughout and the additional option of installing our special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system.

In addition to a welcoming decor, our Premium shelter ensures optimum safety, comfort and protection from what might be happening with the unpredictable weather outside. As well as being weather proof, our premium shelters are also future proofed and technology enabled. The technological opportunities within the shelter are vast with the ability to include RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, solar, kiosks and other advanced information systems.

In order to keep the shelter as premium as possible at all times, it is designed with quick release features making repairs simple and inexpensive. Anti-vandal features increase the safety of the shelter, and reduce the amount of maintenance required on the shelter over time.

When setting up our premium shelters there are numerous options for configurations, sizes, foundations and installations, providing adaptable solutions. The shelter adheres to DDA & ADA standards and is compliant with BSI structural standards and regulations.



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