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Wide Screen Display

The Ferrograph 28in Ultra Wide Screen TFT Display is a compact high brightness display which offers unparalleled visual clarity for transportation applications where high quality real-time information has to be delivered in demanding ambient light conditions. An ideal choice for any on-street or in-shelter display.

Designed specifically to display real time passenger information in outdoor public environments, typical applications include:

  • On street locations including bus shelters or stands
  • Stand alone post mounting with optional sunhood
  • Retro fit to all major shelter designs

Key Product Features

  • Fabricated lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Latest generation TFT-LCD panel with high brightness : 1000 cd/m2.
  • 1920 x 357 ultra wide aspect ratio 16:3.
  • High brightness , sunlight readable energy efficient display.
  • Small form factor to enable installation within most shelters and to enable bus stop pole mounting..
  • Tough all-weather construction manufactured to IP65, impact  rating IK7.
  • Specifically designed to be mounted to a range of bus stop posts, with optional sun hood.
  • Environmental control, impact detection and diagnostic information.
  • A range of mounting options ensures that the display maintains versatility in providing an excellent platform for any transport application.
  • Retro fit to all major shelter designs.
  • Dimensions: 900mm(L) x 220mm(H) x 130mm(D).
  • Datasheet available upon request.


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