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Behind the Scenes at Heathrow Terminal 5

With over 75 million annual passengers, Heathrow Airport in London is one of the busiest places in the world.

In addition to serving thousands of passengers each day, the airport also employs a staggering 76,000 people within its grounds. With such huge numbers relying on Heathrow every day, it is vital that the airport provides secure, durable and modern facilities to ensure that everything operates as smoothly as possible.

Trueform is proud to have completed a series of projects focusing on Heathrow’s Terminal 5. As the busiest section of the airport, Terminal 5 welcomes thousands of passengers from all across the globe each day.

We’ve put together a short list of some of the behind-the-scenes work we’ve competed at Heathrow, showing how each of our units help to keep things running smoothly at the one of the world’s busiest international airports.

From instantly updating smart display monitors to durable safety equipment, Trueform’s products form the backbone of Heathrow’s operations.

Digital Flight Displays

At Heathrow, a plane either takes off or lands every 45 seconds. For a business operating on such a tight schedule, every second counts.

Thanks to Trueform’s advanced digital displays, flight information can be updated instantly. Delays, cancelations and passenger safety notices can be displayed with real-time updates, ensuring complete safety, security and convenience.

Security Gates

Modern airports serve as a country’s main form of border control. For this reason, security is paramount. With thousands travelling each day, providing the highest level of security helps to ensure peace of mind and takes some of the stress out of the passenger experience.

Security gates provide safe and easily managed checkpoints for all passengers to pass through. Trueform has supplied Heathrow with a series of stainless steel gates, each toughened and laminated with a polished satin glaze.

After-hours Security

While Heathrow may be one of the largest airports in the world, it is still situated in suburban Hillingdon. For the health of local residents, all flights must stop at 11pm.

Due to these regulations, the terminal must therefore shut down to the general public at night. With no passengers needing access to parts of the airport, Heathrow requires a solution to secure the premises.

Trueform’s secure night doors ensure that Heathrow is provided with the highest level of night-time security. The sliding design results in a unit which can be hidden completely during the day while serving as a durable barrier at night.

Health and Safety

As one of the busiest places in the UK, Terminal 5 requires a way to separate passengers as they move through the airport. For health and safety reasons, tough and durable partitions must be used in areas where large numbers of people are being directed.

To kept direct people through Heathrow Airport safely, Trueform has produced a series of glazed balustrades. A stainless-steel trim finishes the unit, ensuring that the style matches the modern look of the rest of the terminal while maintaining an orderly and safe environment.

Trueform is a leading manufacturer of transport signage and fabrication solutions. In addition to their work on Terminal 5, Trueform produce a diverse range of transport signage and sheet fabrication solutions. To learn more about Trueform’s work in the aviation industry, please contact us via email or call 0208 561 4959.


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