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Happy 10th Birthday Legible London!

London’s landmark pedestrian wayfinding system, Legible London,  turned 10 years old this year.  The first porotype sign was first install in the West End in November 2007 followed by three large pilot schemes in 2009. Now there are over 1,700 Legible London Signs across London, all manufactured and installed by Trueform, including options for digital maps and interactive features. The mapping system has also been integrated into Bus Stops, train stations and Santander Cycle Docking Stations.

Over the last ten years, Legible London has been proven to improve public transport systems, connective journey, public health, the economy, retail, tourism and business activities and the environment which has led to other cities throughout the UK and other countries to follow suit.

Trueform are proud to have been a part of the Legible London wayfinding signage scheme and look forward to continually developing the scheme into the next generation of Smart City Infrastructure.


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