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City of York Wayfinidng

Trueform are thrilled to announce the that we have been awarded the contract to manufacture and install pedestrian wayfinding throughout the city of York.

The first sign was installed in St Helen’s Square just before the August bank holiday weekend to maximise feedback from residents and tourist ensuring the effectiveness and utility of the new totem designs from people of all ages, disabilities and backgrounds suits all.

Trueform will be creating high quality bespoke wayfinding infrastructure that is sympathetic and complements the famous York surroundings, providing clear information for those visiting York for the very first time, so that they can easily find the iconic attractions, venues and landmarks.

The multifunctional totems have been specifically designed to ensure that fonts and colours used, and even the height of the displays, make these accessible for all especially disabled people, which has been practicality issue with other signage systems.

The purpose of the scheme is to improve the experience of visiting York, by providing support to visitors so that they can more easily understand the City and to find their way around it. The scheme will be a significant improvement to the City Centre public realm. It will provide health benefits by encouraging walking, tourism and commercial benefits by encouraging exploration, improving the experience and thereby encouraging visitors to return. In this way, the scheme will have a significant and positive impact on the future of York as one of the most exciting and enjoyable cities in the UK to visit.

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