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Trueform Awarded the contract to Manufacture and Install more than 100 bus shelters along the Las Vegas Strip

Trueform US, a leading provider and manufacturer of ene-to-end transportation and infrastructure solutions, recently unveiled it’s innovative new ‘sign-wave’ bus shelter for the Regional Transit Commission (RTC) outside Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The RTC had commissioned Trueform to produce shelters for installation at more than 100 sites along the famours stip.

The graffit-proof shelters incorporate creative design and manufacturing methodologywith high strength, high temperature resins to withstand the 120-degree desert temperatures in Nevada. Other innnovative features include high performance solar lighting and LED advertising displays, CCTV cameras, ticket machines and state of the art electronic signage. All shelter installations are complete.

“We have worked with the RTC over the past year to develop a shelter design that truly captures the grandeur and elegance of Las Vegas, “said Saundra Lautenberg, Vice President of Trueform’s North American operations. “Our philosophy is to attract riders by transforming the waiting experience and making public transportation systems more accessible, inclusive and safer. Las Vegas is a busy place with good bus service. It was imperative to transform the bus-waiting environments into places that are in keeping with the larger than life Vegas streetscape while offering protection, comfort and information to the customer”


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