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Reducing Urban Emissions with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Canopies

Within the past decade, electric cars and other vehicles have quickly moved from niche concepts into mainstream technology. With major players in the industry such as Tesla making electric vehicles more desirable than ever, thousands of people are making to switch to driving an eco-friendly car.

One of the main factors in this recent surge of popularity is the environmental benefit of ditching petrol and diesel cars. As cities around the world strive to achieve zero emissions, it’s clear that encouraging the use of electric vehicles is quickly becoming the leading way to cut pollution and limit the impact on the environment.

Trueform, a leading manufacturer of transport signage and shelter solutions, has key experience in producing canopies and other public designs. With the advent of electric vehicle (EV) charging, the latest technology can now be incorporated into public spaces, resulting in smart canopies and shelters with the ability to charge cars, buses and bikes.

With that in mind, here are some of the key benefits to installing EV charging canopies in any urban environment:

Health and Safety
Power stations and charging canopies provide a clear advantage over petrol and diesel-based vehicles, allowing users to quickly recharge without the hassle and safety concerns that traditional refuelling methods provide. Petroleum-based products pose hundreds of hazards and require significant maintenance, while an EV canopy can be safely erected in almost any environment.

Reduced Emissions
One of the key ways that cities can help boost the uptake of electric cars and other vehicles is to provide modern and well-equipped charging facilities.

According to a survey by, 90% of EV drivers rely on public infrastructure to charge their cars. By putting the required technology in place, cities can ensure that they are prepared for the electric car revolution and provide the support needed for more people to make the switch.

In addition to providing a source of solar energy, installing a canopy can also ensure that pedestrians are protected from the tumultuous British climate.

Thanks to a covered design, EV canopies also double as completely weatherproof shelters for the use of both vehicle owners and pedestrians. The useful nature of weatherproof covering allows it to blend seamlessly into any existing urban environment, resulting in a modern yet seamless integration of renewable technology into a town or city.

Public Design
Installing an EV canopy provides any city with the opportunity to showcase bold and striking modern designs as the centrepiece of any public space. From city centres to town plazas, an EV canopy can provide just the edge that any urban environment can use to stand out.

With a range of different design options available, Trueform has the capabilities to create smart canopies with in-built EV charging facilities. As well as ensuring a futureproof urban environment, Trueform’s key experience in the industry ensures that each client is provided with a well-designed unit equipped with all of the powerful features required for city usage.

To learn more about Trueform or electric vehicle charging, please email or call 0208 561 4959.


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