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Trueform’s Smart Mobility Digital Totems

The efficient, effective movement of people relies on the efficient, effective movement of Information. Trueform’s ‘Smart Digital Totems’ are key technology links in the Internet of Things and Smart City revolution.

Many towns and cities throughout the World have introduced Trueform’s Smart City Digital Totems and wayfinding systems and are enjoying the significant benefits. Trueform are the leader in outdoor Digital Smart Totems, Digital Displays and Wayfinding Signage. We have supplied many of the World’s leading towns and cities.

By providing Wi-Fi, internet accessibility, device charging and access to digital information, public information, emergency assistance, CCTV and data points in key cityscape locations, Trueform’s totems promote smart city living and personal mobility to residents, commuters and visitors. It provides them them with access to information and helping them navigate around the city on foot or by public transport. With user friendly, easy to use detailed maps and digital interactive displays showing which routes and directional path to take, smart totems can also boost local business and the economy by increasing passing trade and energising locations.


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