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Trueform Welcomes New Members – Improved Production & Product Delivery

June 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to announce that Cliff Mallaby and Mark Austin have officially joined the Trueform Group.

Cliff Mallaby who has extensive experience in lean manufacturing and production techniques will be joining the board as Deputy Managing Director.

Mark Austin will be joining the company as Operations Manager.

Jonathan Morley, Group Managing Director, Trueform said ”Since our recent acquisition we have already seen significant improvements in the company’s production and operational performance. We have a key strategy plan in place for growth and continuous improvements throughout the operation, which are already well under way.

“I am delighted to welcome Cliff Mallaby and Mark Austin to the team. Since their arrival they have been instrumental in restructuring the company’s operation and production systems which will enable us to provide significantly increased service levels and performance to our customers and contracts.”


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