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Prescot wayfinding illuminated

These wayfinding signs we have manufactured and supplied throughout Prescot are now all lit up ready to welcome wanderers. The fingerposts and monoliths are illuminated using remote WIFI controlled dynamic lighting.  The signs complement the town’s rich history and and make reference to its links with Shakespeare and the Playhouse.

The wayfinding will improve the experience of visiting Prescot by providing high quality and modern pedestrian support, so that visitors can more easily understand the town centre and to find their way around. A significant addition and improvement to the town centre public realm, the wayfinding will provide; health benefits by encouraging walking, tourism and commercial benefits by encouraging exploration, improving experience and thereby encouraging visitors to return.  In this way, the scheme will have a significant and positive impact on the future of Prescot as one of the most exciting and enjoyable heritage cities in the UK to visit.


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